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Are you a female entrepreneur who's feeling burned out? Are you sick of the stress and chaos?

Chaos to Clarity is a new 3, 4, or 6-month program created to help you navigate overwhelming days, identify roadblocks in your life, and find peace and clarity in your lifestyle.

Hi Everyone!  I’m Xyzeidria Ensley and I have many years of experience empowering individuals as they embrace their paths.  My background in Criminal Justice, Sociology (Bachelor’s Degree) and in Clinical Counseling (Master’s Degree and Doctorate of Philosophy), I believe  EVERY person has the ability to achieve a greater dimension of life satisfaction through transformation.  We all possess profound gifts that enrich our lives, our communities, and our humanity; however, it can be challenging to balance all of our roles and responsibilities while striving to attain the aspirations we’ve imagined for ourselves.

This program was built with the busy entrepreneurial woman in mind. 

The one who struggles to manage the stress of her business and navigate her everyday life. 

In this program, I’ve developed strategies to help women like you identify the root of the chaos and build coping strategies and techniques to bring more PEACE and CLARITY into your life.


How do you go from CHAOS to CLARITY?

This program holds the key to revealing your creativity, unveiling your voice, and getting your life back.

Here’s a peak at what we’ll be doing inside Chaos to Clarity: 


  • Weekly 1:1 calls to identify anything that is blocking you from peace

  • A professional assessment of your strengths, goals, and mindset

  • Brainstorming ways to combat obstacles in your life 

  • Learning to reorganize your thoughts surrounding your chaos 

  • Building a strategic execution plan to give you peace, motivation, and stability


Week by week, you and I will discover the roadblocks keeping you from peace and happiness.


So, what do you say? Ready to have someone guide you toward your peace?

These ladies were just like you…

Lisa, FL

"My coaching experience with XYZ Wellness has been life changing."

Cori, IL

"You're a great coach and I really value the time we spent together.  I am so excited about the progress and life journey."


The last 2 months of my life were so powerful.  I've never been so intentional to be a better version of me and build the life I want. Thank you!"

Ready to invest in yourself and your future? 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing a business or your work life. Because everyone’s purpose is different. And the way your body and brain work are also different.


That’s why Chaos to Clarity gives you 3 different options to choose from!

  • 4-Month Coaching Program…For $400 a month!

  • 6-Month Coaching Program…For $267 a month!

But, I know investing in yourself can be SCARY! 

So, to help you gain some peace of mind, let’s take off a few dollars. If you pay in full right now, the price drops to $1,555! Sounds better, right?  

Are you ready to begin your journey toward inner peace and calm?

All of this…

  • 1:1 mentorship and coaching through weekly calls and strategy sessions


  • Access to personal strength assessments, goal plans, and brainstorming sessions

  • Expert guidance on  self-confidence, stress management, and wellness

  • Tools to unpack the root of your chaos and overcome it

  • Skills  to unlock your strengths and reach your goals

  • An actionable plan to start feeling peaceful, calm, and motivated

Hey there

I’m Xyzeidria Ensley…

The founder of XYZ Wellness and a person who has been in YOUR shoes. 
As an empowerment coach, author, and self-care expert, I use my experience, knowledge, and tools to help people live intentionally and purposefully.
I recognize that one path isn’t suitable for everyone.  Sometimes people need a variety - an X, Y, Z way to wellness.


Who is this program destined for?

Chaos to Clarity is for you if you…

  • Find yourself struggling to manage your daily tasks


  • Feel unmotivated to socialize, work, or do daily activities 

  • Feel stuck with little motivation, direction, or passion for the future 

  • You crave more peace, calm, and clarity in your everyday life 


And, if you…

  • Want actionable ways to manage your day

  • Desire to move towards a future full of peace and calm  

  • Need tools to help you find and use your voice

  • Are ready to get clear and focused on your dream life!

A life and business full of clarity, peace, and success is accessible to you!

You just have to identify what obstacles are in your way to get there. That is what Chaos and Clarity was designed to help you do.

It’s why I built this program… to help you identify what is stealing your peace and give you the tools to find it again.  

Ready to feel at peace again?

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