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Are you ready to build safe, fulfilling relationships and 
develop a greater sense of self-trust and self-confidence?

Relationship Restoration is a 3, 6, or 12-month program created to help women who desire to feel secure, stable, and satisfied in their relationships. 

Hi Everyone! I’m Xyzeidria Ensley and I have many years of experience empowering individuals as they embrace their paths.  My background is in Criminal Justice, Sociology (Bachelor’s Degree) and in Clinical Counseling (Master’s Degree and Doctorate of Philosophy).  I believe EVERY person has the ability to achieve a greater dimension of life satisfaction through transformation.  We all possess profound gifts that enrich our lives, our communities , and our humanity; however, it can be challenging to balance all of our roles and responsibilities while striving to attain the aspirations we’ve imagined for ourselves.  Let me HELP YOU!

This program was built for any woman who has experienced unhealthy relationships. 

The one who struggles to trust again but desires a close connection with a partner. 
In this program, I’ve developed strategies to help women like you gain the strategies and tools to feel more hopeful and build a safe, secure connection in your relationships. 


How do you go from Withdrawn to Present

I will be teaching you exactly how to communicate effectively and patiently with your partner, resolve conflict, and grow in hope and safety in your relationship.

Here’s a peak at what we’ll be doing inside Relationship Restoration: 


  • Identifying ways to effectively communicate and connect with your partner 

  • Exploring ways to feel close in a relationship without wanting to pull away 

  • Learning how to trust your partner and yourself 

  • Gaining better awareness and understanding of the relationship 


Week by week, you and I will discover the roadblocks keeping you from finding and enjoying the love and deep connection you deserve.


So, what do you say? Ready to get everything you need to feel safe inside your relationships?

These ladies were just like you…

Heidi, TN

“Connections have always been a problem for me and this relationship program help me in my relationship with myself and my partner."


"Working this program was a win for me in my current and future relationships."

Lori, KY

“This was very needed for me and I am glad I stuck with it."

Ready to invest in yourself and your future? 

Relationships are complex, but beautiful things. But, they do have the potential to cause trauma within us.  


The way we have gone through relationships can result in different attachment styles. This is why I’ve created 3 different program lengths to meet your needs and goals. 


Relationship Restoration gives you 3 different options to choose from! 

  • 6-Month Coaching Program…For $1,400 a month!

  • 12-Month Coaching Program…For $740 a month!

All of this…

  • 1:1 mentorship and coaching through weekly calls and strategy sessions


  • Access to strength assessments, goal plans, and brainstorming sessions 

  • Expert guidance on relationship trauma, coping skills, & communication tactics

  • Tools to unpack the root of your fears and overcome it  

  • Skills to help you communicate and trust in your partner 

  • An actionable plan to start feeling LESS AFRAID of intimacy and connection  

But, I know investing in yourself can be SCARY! 

Are you ready to begin your journey toward inner peace and calm? 

Hey there

I’m Xyzeidria Ensley…

The founder of XYZ Wellness and a person who has been in YOUR shoes. 
As an empowerment coach, author, and self-care expert, I use my experience, knowledge, and tools to help people live intentionally and purposefully. That includes living and thriving alongside a partner! 
I recognize that one path isn’t suitable for everyone.  Sometimes people need a variety - an X, Y, Z way to wellness.


Who is this program destined for?

Relationship Restoration is for you if you…

  • Find yourself scared to be vulnerable and trust others


  • Have been divorced, broken up with, betrayed, or stuck because of past partners 

  • Struggle to see yourself as confident, beautiful, and worthy of love 

  • Feel either anxious or avoidant when it comes to relationships 


And, if you…

  • Want to feel confident and stable in your relationship 

  • Desire to feel intimacy and connection with a partner


  • Need tools to honor your emotions, reduce tension and conflict 

  • Are ready to get clear and focused on what you’re wanting in a partner 

Get the tools to feel fulfilled and at peace within your relationship.

You need to identify what obstacles are keeping you from welcoming in the love and connection you deserve. That is what Relationship Restoration was designed to help you do.

It’s why I built this program… to help you identify what is stealing your peace inside relationships and finally be able to solve conflict, be present, and trust more.  
Ready to restore your relationships? 

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